In this month's Inter[action] article, Alberto Russo, Tech Lead at Tribal Worldwide London's Tech Engineering Practice, shares his top three picks of last month's most interesting interactive ideas.

  1. Zozosuit the new era of custom-fit clothes

We live in an era where clothes are mass produced. They are cheap and immediately available online, but clothes often tend to look the same and many do not wear well.

But, it seems like this is set to change. Zozotown (Japan’s largest online fashion retailer) has decided to invest a lot of resources in delivering a unique product that allows shoppers to buy tailor-made clothes online.

Zozosuit is a special jumpsuit that uses an app on your smartphone to calculate the exact dimensions of your body, giving everyone the opportunity to buy unique clothes online.

The Zozosuit was launched in the Japanese market in January 2018 and, after a couple of months and millions of orders, has been extended to another 72 countries worldwide, so watch this space.

2. Goolge Home evolves in Hub without the camera!

Google Home Hub is a smart display with built-in speakers that uses Google Voice Assistant to handle everyday tasks.

The presence of the screen and the integration with Google services extends the basic functionalities, already provided by Google Home, to new possible interactions — such as the ability to see a map with directions (Google Maps), display holiday photos (Google Photos live album) and watch videos on Youtube.

Moreover, like every device based on Google Voice Assistant, the Hub uses a voice-matching function to recognise users and provide their calendar, reminders, personal Spotify playlists and much more.

The most important feature is the support of more than 10,000 smart home products and over 1,000 popular brands. In fact, Google Home Hub is able to integrate perfectly with Nest’s ecosystem, as well as Philips Hue and other brands to control thermostats, lights, locks, cameras, speakers and more with the power of your voice.

But, unlike its main competitor, Amazon Echo Show, Google Home Hub doesn’t have a camera. However, this “non feature” might make the devise more favorable to those concerned about their privacy.

3. Facebook Portal, am I ready for you?

Unlike the Google Home Hub, the new Facebook Portal device seems to be in direct competition with Amazon Echo Show. But, apparently, Facebook and Amazon have a strong partnership and all the features you would expect from Amazon are also present on the Facebook Portal device, too.

The Facebook Portal is mainly focused on video communication. Its core system is an AI powered technology, “Smart Camera and Smart Sounds”, that allow the device to follow you around the room, automatically pin and zoom the image minimizing the background noise and enhancing the voice of whoever is calling.

But is it the right moment to announce this technology? Given the recent scandals involving privacy and data collection I’m not convinced that this piece of shiny new technology will go down all that well with consumers.