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The Tribal Trends report is an antidote to predictions

We are living in extraordinary times. Technological change is happening at a bewildering pace. Fresh and momentous innovations erupt with frightening regularity. Business models are disrupted and new, dynamic giants take their place.

In such a turbulent environment, it’s perhaps only natural to want a little certainty, which is why a whole industry has sprung up to predict which trends to chase in the year ahead. Rather than help businesses, ‘hot’ predictions are often overhyped or just plain wrong, creating confusion, misdirection, disappointment and waste.

Here at Tribal we take a different approach. We know many trends are the product of forces that we have worked with for years and will continue to work with for years to come. Our job is not to stoke the hype, but to use our knowledge and experience to figure out how they can best serve your business.

That’s why we’ve created the Tribal Trends report to look back to the big trends that were predicted for 2018, without the distortion of inflated expectation. Our aim is to help you understand where the trend came from, what actually happened and what it really means for your business in the future.

Tribal Trends draws on the knowledge and deep insight of our six expert practices of Consumer Experience, Tech Engineering, Data Science, Spark Innovation, Business Consultancy and Creative. After all, we’ve been at the forefront of building digital brands for as long a digital brands have existed.

Go on. Give it a read.